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Where live music, dancing and entertainment fusions with Latin American Food! 
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Danzón is a vibrant Uptown Grand Rapids bar & restaurant offering a variety of Authentic Latin cuisine from over a dozen countries. Our menu and cocktails reflect the richness and variety of all Latin America & Spain, from the classics to the modern. Open patio and beautiful in-dining space, offers the best Latin atmosphere and soundtrack from brunch to late night.
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Authentic Artisanal Mole
Have you ever tried Mole? - Mole, from Nahuatl mōlli (Nahuatl pronunciation: [ˈmoːlːi]), meaning "sauce", is a traditional sauce and marinade originally used in Mexican cuisine. Our MOLE ENCHILADAS are made with 100% authentic mole, made by one of our owner's mother (Rosa Maria) in Mexico city and flown in for your enjoyment. This artisanal sauce is made with local Mexican ingredients and following a family recipe that has been passed down for generations. You can’t get more authentic than that! – Have a taste of Mexico, right here in Grand Rapids!
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